Miller's Isle

Miller’s Isle


The heart of Highcrown’s navy, Miller’s Isle is the shipbuilding capital of the world. The finest ships and sailors sail out of the Isle’s ports.


  • Founded: 160e
  • Ruler: Xavier Freemont
  • Population: 3 Million
  • Major Races: Human, Halfling, Elf, Gnome
  • Climate: Tropical Wet


Miller’s Isle is located on a large island north of Olympia. The city is separated from the mainland by a channel.


Miller’s Isle was first founded as a fishing colony in 160e. The city experienced little growth due to early overfishing and the founding of Withrowvia in 210e, which became the fishing center of the Coalition. After the discovery of Eldar ship-building facilities in 270e and the drive to create warships for the Sovereign War of 280e the city began to experience massive growth. Today, the growth has continued to carry over as naval commercial routes have begun to be heavily used and ships are in demand.


Recently the Coalition Council has requested the construction of a new armada to combat the demonic menace in the South.

Miller’s Isle has been ruled by a single, elected official since 250e. Elections are held every 10e. The past 100e have been dominated by the Freemont Family, human shipbuilding tycoons. Xavier Freemont has ruled the last 20e.


Miller’s Isle is home to the legend of the Fishermen. The Fishermen were water wizards of old who were said to have founded Miller’s Isle and brought fish to the region. They were famed to have the powers of creating objects and life from thin air as well as divination of the future. Today they are long forgotten except in children’s stories.

Points of Interest

  • The Bloody Pad Tavern
  • Lil Smith Smithery
  • Roy’z Alkemy Shoppe
  • Ferry Port
  • Shantytown
  • Miller’s Isle Library
  • The University of Grovestar – Miller’s Isle
  • Shipbuilding Docks
  • Freemont Estate


Notable People

  • Gretchen – Innkeeper, The Bloody Pad Tavern
  • Captain Aye-Aye – Ferryman, Ferry Port
  • Roy Aye-Aye – Alchemist, Roy’z Alkemy Shoppe
  • Lil Smith – Blacksmith/Weapon Maker, Lil Smith Smithery
  • Charles Freemont – Shipbuilding Heir, Freemont Estate

Miller's Isle

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