Fellmoor is the small port city west of Grovestar. It was previously the home of the Whitehawk Knights, an order of paladins in 400e. It lies within the influence of Allor’s power.



  • Founded: 200e
  • Rulers: Scarlet Council
  • Population: 200,000
  • Major Races: Human, Elf
  • Climate: Tropical Wet


Fellmoor is located in the marshlands west of Grovestar on a small peninsula. A small hamlet and outpost lie in the outskirts of the city.


Fellmoor was founded in 200e by a group of clerics and paladins as a model city of faith.


In 311e the city was nearly destroyed when a plague killed many citizens along with a great fire shortly afterwards. The once gleaming cathedrals and shrines became ashes as the fire consumed the city. Fellmoor was never fully rebuilt and became notorious for outlaw activity as the clergy left fiefdom.


In 410e the last of the Aldarils, the ruling family, took the throne. Astanoth the Unbound killed and disguised himself as the late duke to seize power.
In 447e the Heroes of Old killed the Duke.
The death of the false Duke created a power vacuum in the city as Allor the Corruptor began ravaging the countryside around it.

In 448e the city instituted the Scarlet Council, a collection of the wealthiest men (many of whom have questionable backgrounds), to bring order to the city.


In 480e the countryside was ravaged by Allor’s hordes, bringing about a mass exodus to The Citadel in the north.

Points of Interest

  • Whitehawk Paladin Outpost
  • Fellmoor Monastery
  • Castle Fellmoor
  • Scarlet Arrow Brothel


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